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I post my email address in the manner below to deter spam robots:

radiolaguy at outlook dot com

You will need to type my email address into your email address window (you can't copy & paste) After typing my email address, in your email address window, please then save in your address book.

PLEASE!   If you are going to contact me, I'm from the old school,  I like to know whom I'm communicating with  and  how  to address  you.  So please provide a name or signature if you expect a reply.

I DO NOT DO EVALUATIONS or offer an answer to "what's it worth" questions). There are far too many variables to give a simple answer. You can browse eBay sales or go to a web site that offers such service such as WorthPoint.

I will however try and help with identification or other questions you might have.

Sorry,  I  no  longer  offer  restoration  or  repair  service,  the  resources  page  of  my  site  has  a  list of  those  that  do.

Who is the Radiola Guy (pronounced; readi-o-'lah, not Radio "LA"). The Radiola Guy is - C. E. "Sonny" Clutter. I'm near Portland, OR (address or phone number furnished when needed).

Evaluations or what's it worth questions.  For those of you in Rio-Linda ... I DON'T DO 'EM!

Phone contact:  furnished on request, unfortunately I had to take down my phone number from my web site as I tend to be very grumpy at 4 or 5:00 AM with frivolous questions such as requests for evaluations.

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T YOU DON'T GET when you buy from RadiolaGuy:  like so many eBay purchases, you buy something that's supposed to be in good working order or the seller doesn't know or states "it powers up". You buy it and find out afterwards that you now need to spend more money to get it fixed. My offerings (unless noted as-is) are not given a quick "once over" with components scabbed in, just to make it work. I properly service, each an every piece offered with meticulous detail & care. All instruments I offer (other than as-is) have been carefully serviced and tested as if they were for my own.....This I guarantee!