Hickok 533A Tube Tester


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Hickok Mutual Conductance Tube tester model 533A

This is an exceptionally nice tube tester, not the interior is extremely nice (near mint) but the case is in as good condition as any I have seen. There are only very minor scuffs & blems in the case. This means this piece has seen very little travel and likely little use. The roll chart works smooth and freely and is dated spring 1972 (as up to date as one can get).

The 533A will test all the consumer tubes from the early 1920's - early-mid 1960's. The roll chart is dated 1968 so it's about as up to date as one can expect for the newer type tubes. However, it does not have the more modern sockets that came out in the mid - late '60's (Compactrons, Novars & the Duo-Decar bases). It will require an adaptor to test those (mostly TV tubes).


  • serviced and calibrated

  • all functions working properly

  • all controls and sockets treated with DeoxIT

  • updated roll chart

  • serviced and calibrated meter

  • clean inside and out

  • my re-mastered, reprint, comprehensive tube test data manual

  • reprint instruction manual

  • all test circuits checked and working properly

  • my guarantee of satisfaction

Measurements (approx): 19 x 17 x 8"
Shipping weight (estimated): 32 lb.

 OH HOLD, PAYMENT PENDING $670.00 with free shipping within the continental USA

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