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Many changes are being made to my web site

1: PayPal

Although PayPal is no longer my preferred method of payment. I will in most cases accept a payment with PayPal if you insist.

I will eventually have all PayPal "Add to Cart" buttons replaced with my own that's independent of PayPal.  I am not closing my PayPal account.

Any PayPal buttons that still exist will be honored only if you are ordering from a page with the latest *update (Nov 2022 or later).

*When visiting my site, be sure your are viewing the latest update. If using a book-marked page or if you haven't refreshed your browser, you very likely pull up old data from your computer's cache.

Feel free to make  offers on those listings with the "inquire make offer" notation.

Reasonable and sometimes unreasonable offers  on hardware items will be considered.

Payments on those listing without the PayPal button must be made ( the old fashion way); cash, check or money order.

To inquire or make purchase, and to expect a reply, please do the following:

Click/Tap this link to contact me and provide:

  • Full Name

  • Shipping Address

  • Daytime Phone Number

  • Item of Interest

  • Delivery method; Electronic file, Hard Copy, thumb drive.

After receiving the requested information and your item of interest I will get back to you with shipping cost.


Although I state the I am no longer shipping internationally, I will offer and accept PayPal for flatwork items and electronic files to my international customers. Please email me with the requested information and item/s of interest and will send  a PayPal invoice.

3: REMOVING or Cutting back on my services and offerings

If the service, page or item you are seeking is no longer found on my site, i may still be able to help. Just contact me and provide the info I request in the above highlighted areas.


I post my email address in the manner below to deter spam robots:

radiolaguy at outlook dot com

You will need to type my email address into your email address window (you can't copy & paste) After typing my email address, in your email address window, please then save in your address book.


Any information you provide will not be shared with anyone without your approval.