Clapp-Eastham Wireless Receiver model HRL



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A Rare Radio Receiver
RadiolaGuy Collection, not for sale

The recent acquisition of this receiver is a rather involved story. I first acquired it in the mid '60's from a fellow whose name was Jay Guyton, the owner of a closed radio shop in Uniontown, PA. A number of other early and interesting sets were also purchased.  Although I was relatively new at collecting then, I found the design and construction of this set most intriguing and proceeded to do a complete restoration as it was in poor condition.

Later when I moved to Utah radio collecting was pretty much on the back burner as there was little activity there plus working and raising a family was the main priority. My financial situation also took a decline at this time (around 1975) I decided in order to get some cash, I would have to sell some of my radios.  The "HRL" along with some other prized pieces were sold with the agreement that I would be able to buy back the "HRL" should the party who purchased it ever decide to sell it.

Well needless to say a few years later (about 1985) I found out all too late that this "so-n-so" was selling his collection and the "HRL" was up for grabs. I immediately contacted him but it was too late, it was gone. I was not a happy camper as I (not too diplomatically) reminded him of the agreement he made and did not keep. I did find out where it went and after years of trying I finally was able to trade other rare and interesting items to re-acquired it.

It had been stored in an environment that attributed to some deterioration of the insides. The knobs were mildew etc and now needed restoring all over again. The knobs had grown mold so bad that I was not sure they were even salvageable but all worked out OK and it now sits as one of my most prized pieces of early gear.

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RadiolaGuy Collection, not for sale