Brunswick 12A Radio
small console



Brunswick Console Radio model 12A. ca:1931
"Beauty and the Beast"


Another nice piece from my long time collection that I've decided to put up for sale as-is. A beautiful, small console that stands only 42" high. It is most unusual in design, the first unusual thing to notice is it only has two knobs but they perform 4 functions; on/off, volume, tuning and tone control. The tone control has two interesting features; it's continuously variable by pushing or pulling the small outer knob which also serves as the on/off volume control. As you adjust for tone, the lighted area of the dial changes color (see above three images of the dial). The large outer knob serve for tuning the single AM broadcast band.

Now for the chassis; a most unusual design and the most miserable tuning and RF circuit to service that I have ever seen in a home radio. The entire RF section; 3 gang tuning mechanism, RF transformers and oscillator circuits are all an internal part of the drum-like assembly that extends above to below the chassis. Yes - it's an early super-het, the IF transformers can be seen on the far right side of the under chassis photo. It was a nightmare disassemble and replace all the paper foil capacitors and re-assemble.  The space is cramped, components are many, wire leads are short and master mechanic skills are a plus to get it apart and re-assemble. All this I have done. However, the radio does not work properly as the local oscillator is not functioning. I have dreaded getting back into it to determine why. I suspect I have mis-wired something in that circuit.

I no longer have the ambition to get back into this radio to solve the issue at hand. I will say to do so will require someone with excellent mechanical and technical skills to take on this project. The power supply and audio circuits are functioning properly, it's the oscillator circuit what needs attention.

I have taken inventory of all my unfinished projects, some started well over 2 and 3 years ago and realize that I very likely won't be around long enough to finish many of them. So I'm now in the process of putting some of them back together so they will be complete to use as static displays or someone else can take on and complete the restoration in the future.

The cabinet was in original, very good condition, not worthy of a re-finish. It was "spiffed up" a few years ago and along the way and a move, the top has suffered a small damaged area which can be see in the photo above. That area was touched up but a better job could be done if desired (or just place a doily on it)

Tuning type: capacitance, Super-Heterodyne
Power transformer: yes                                 
No. of tubes: 7
Special features:  two knob, four control functions, color tone control illumination
Frequency coverage: AM broadcast
Antenna requirements: external long-wire

Standing weight; 48 lb.
Measures; 42 x 17.5 x 11”

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