Emerson radio model BS-227

"Queen Ann"



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The Emerson "Queen Anne" model BS-227

15 tube Radio Console from 1939

You thought Emerson only made cheap or small table model radios....right? Well as "Gomer" would say; surprise - surprise. Not only did they make the above large console, they also made about 10 other high tube count (14 or more tubes) pre-war consoles. The above example is the only one I have seen in the 40 years that I have been collecting so I assume they are somewhat scarce.

I found this one about 15 years ago in an antique shop in Astoria, Oregon. It was  complete, all original with a very clean chassis. However the lens on the  domed shaped dial cover and the "sunburst" trim work above the speaker had suffered some serious damage. The cabinet had some stains on the top (obviously from house plant watering) along with the typical wear and tear it suffered over it's approx 70 years.

I first made a replica the clear plastic lens section of dome shaped dial cover shortly after I got it home. I figured if that could not be done so it looked right, the radio would never be presentable. I was successful and pleased with the way it turned out. So next I tackled the repwood "sunburst" trim piece that sets above the speaker). It was broken and had several holes punched through it. That effort turned out to be quite a challenge due to several problems I experienced with the "repwood".  I ended up spending more than 40 hours repairing and refinishing (multiple times) that piece due to a long list or problems. I was so sick of the radio by that time I sat it aside. It sat unfinished in my radio room for the next 12 years. Two months ago, I decided that it was time to get it completed or get rid of it. My good friend Gary Marvin refinished the cabinet and it turned out so good, I went to work on the chassis. The chassis restoration was fairly routine and un-eventful.

I share with you the additional pictures below:

Year: 1939
Cabinet: various wood veneers
Dial: colorful, lighted dome
Tuning type: capacitance, super-het
Power transformer: yes
No. of tubes: 15
Frequency coverage: AM broadcast + 2 short-wave bands
Antenna requirements: long-wire

 < Emerson service manual for above and other models available
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