Victor Radio (RCA Victor) model RE-45

 radio with electrola

RCA purchased the Victor Talking Machine Company and made a few radios under the "Victor" brand name. This is an excellent example of an early all electric radio/record player. The radio receiver incorporates a most unusual chassis.

The most unusual feature of this set is the slide rule type dial (not seen much until the late 30's). Tuning is accomplished by the two speed (course & fine) tuning knob built into the station selector dial. The mechanics of the tuning is also unique and quite a complex mechanical design. The tuning capacitor array is set in the form of an arc with 20 individual mechanical adjustments for precise tracking. The performance of both the radio and record player is excellentEverything is 100%  original except for the work done in the restoration of the electronics which consisted of a new (old style cloth covered) AC cord,  rebuilding of the magnetic phono pick-up head that required new rubber, alignment (or neutralization of the RF stages), rebuilding the volume control and installation of a fuse in the power transformer primary. This piece was exceptionally clean when I acquired it and it has been well cared for, rarely do you find sets this nice and original.

The pictures below show all areas of the set including the underside of the chassis so those of you restoring one of these can see what goes where in case some of your parts are missing. Note the addition of the fuse (my addition for safety) on the underside of the power supply chassis.

Doors open

Side view

Dial Area

Dial Lighted


Full rear view

Rear top

RF chassis

RF chassis w/shield removed


RF chassis under side

RF chassis underside
w/shields removed

RF chassis under side


rear bottom

Power & Audio Amp

Power & Audio underside

< Reprint instruction and owners manual are available for this model

  < Replica dial scale also available



the RE-45 is no longer available