Zenith Radio
model 12-S-471

Zenith 12-S-471 from 1940

The 12-S-471 is one the most attractive cabinet designs offered by the Zenith radio company.

This is a 12 tube set Featuring:

  • Zenith's famous Robot ("shutter dial")

  • Green tuning eye

  • Push-pull output

  • Zenith's "Wave-Magnet" built-in antenna

  • Push button automatic tuning

  • Push-button tone control

  • 12" electrodynamic speaker

  • 3 tuning bands; 2 short wave + standard broadcast

  • TV sound connection (use it for a phono or FM input)

  • Beautiful, walnut and burl veneer wood finish

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Year: 1940
Cabinet: various walnut & burl wood veneers
Dial: lighted "Shutter Dial"
Finish: beautifully re-done in hand rubbed lacquer
Tuning type: capacitance, Super-Heterodyne
Power transformer: yes
No. of tubes: 12
Frequency coverage: AM broadcast + 2 short wave bands
Antenna requirements: built-in "Wave-Magnet"
Measurements (approx): 42"h x 29"w x 17"d

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this radio is no longer available