RCA Radiola 17

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RF chassis underside

power supply underside

chassis top-side

The Radiola 17 premiered in the fall of 1927 as RCA's first radio designed to operate on AC (lighting circuit operation as it was then called).

Quite a heavy set in a long "coffin box", The case is made of solid mahogany except for the inlaid front panel and the rear cover (which are veneered plywood). Simple to operate with only two controls (volume & tuning), these sets work quite well with good sensitivity & selectivity (considering the primitive design). Original price was $130.00 without tubes, 197,917 were produced.

The pictures show all areas of the set including the underside of the chassis so those of you restoring one of these can see what goes where in case some of your parts are missing. Note the addition of the fuse on the underside of the power supply chassis.

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Dial Scale

< Manuals, labels & other paper for the above and other RCA Radiola models are available.


the radio is no longer available