Hickok 752 Tube Tester

Hickok Mutual Conductance Tube tester model 752

Panel close-up

Meter close-up

Case close-up

Roll chart close-up

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Model 752 and 752A operation manuals with high quality schematics > order here.

This is the model desired by audiophiles. It will test both halves of twin triode tubes without changing the switch settings. It will also test voltage regulator tubes.

The 752 will test all the consumer tubes from the early 1920's - early-mid 1960's. The roll chart is dated 1968 so it's about as up to date as one can expect for the newer type tubes. However, it does not have the more modern sockets that came out in the mid - late '60's (Compactrons, Novars & the Duo-Decar bases). The model 752A will test those types of tubes.