Hallicrafters T-54 vintage TV
1949 7" screen - For Sale



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off air picture

top open

back side

the underside

Hallicrafters model T-54 ca: 1949
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The above has been recently electronically. The restoration included replacing all the tubular and electrolytic capacitors along with a few resistors and some of the tubes. The CRT test strong and displays a decent picture.

A real beauty,  clean, no rust, crud or prior home to livestock or insects. Has never resided in a barn, out-house or basement. Free of rust, crud & corrosion. As you can see, it delivers nice picture and all functions work just fine. Complete and all original except the components used in the electronic restoration. The cabinet and finish are original in very good condition, finish suffers only a few minor blems and scratches.

The off air picture was produced from my attic antenna, converted through a digital to analog converter and fed to the TV's antenna terminals.


Non technical folks purchasing early Televisions should  have a source for servicing these primitive pieces of technology  (which there will be need of). There's a reason there use to be Radio/TV shops on about every other block of most towns and cities. Plus the many repair shops operated from home basements and garages back then. 

See the home version model T-505.

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I am no longer able to package and ship large heavy items such as this TV.  I can deliver to a local shipping company of choice for buyer to arrange packaging and shipping, Or buyer picks up or makes arrangements for pickup.

  Asking $650.00
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