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PLEASE,  before  making an inquiry, ordering or making an assumption > PLEASE READ the important Information on this page about my clocks and faces you need to know.

Clocks and Clock faces:  I offer my vast clock face print files for sale (in electronic form) as well as my remaining, limited inventory. I will soon have all the files shown on my site.

  • Complete Clocks (very limited)

  • Face Only (limited)

  • Print File (any I have on file)

The faces are made to fit the standard round PAM clock and a few other brands of the same size. What I have remaining (except for print file only) are for clocks of the standard, round 15" size only, I don't make any square clocks or faces but do have the print file available for some square faces. I do not sell any clocks parts.

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First, of course "RadiolaGuy.com" watermark does not appear on the finished product. It's there for internet images only (some have inquired and ask if it can be removed).


Prices vary shown on their listing or found by clicking or tapping on the small images. You are not obligate to purchase if you inquire or make an offer.

Inquire if you have any questions about ordering.


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Faces The remaining ridged faces I have are beautifully made, top quality, reverse printed professionally on a large format industrial printer on Lexan plastic.

The graphics I create the graphic files and had the faces professionally fabricated in a local specialty shop. The graphics are heat and UV light protected. Some of the faces I offer are unique, totally created by myself. Most are replicas (some with variations) of the originals. Many have been painstakingly, digitally restored, often requiring hours of tedious work.

Bodies The clock housings are made just like the original PAM clock. Spun Aluminum body, heavy bubble glass front lens, 120 volt AC, brass, US made motor with sweeping second hand. I do not use cheap, cheesy, quartz movements.       

Details My clock faces fit the standard 15" diameter PAM and other brands of clocks using the same size face. The exact measurements are 14.45" diameter, 1/8" thick. If you have a clock who's face is of a different size or shape, I can't offer any help.

Why not Glass?  Lexan is nearly impossible to break and I think better than glass faces. Glass faces require more expensive packaging to prevent breaking during shipping. Glass faces are more expensive to make unless done in large quantities.  When installed and back-lighted, Lexan plastic has a gloss surface and cannot be distinguished from glass. There is not a good reason to use glass.

Face print Option  The face graphics can be printed on translucent media that's made for backlight. I had some done by FedEx Office. Here's a link to a clock I made with the method, how & where noted:https://www.radiolaguy.com/Clocks-Faces/Radio_Days.htm

Clock Lamps;
 On my restored or replica clocks, I use LED lamps or an LED light ring instead of the high heat incandescing lamps

Availability I have quit making any new faces or clocks. What I now offer represent my remaining stock and most are 1 only.

Clock parts I normally do not sell clock parts.

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