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I still have a few of high quality clock faces in stock that I will sell at close out prices. I will no longer be making any new ridged clock faces because of issues with quality and the ever increasing cost of material & shipping.

However I can do offer can create and provide a print file that can be used at many print shops (including FedEx office) where you can have made; of heavy translucent vinyl decal material, that's made to be back-lighted. The print can be overlaid on clear glass or clear acrylic plastic. What works even better is to sandwich the decal between two pieces of acrylic or Lexan. There are also many shops that can print on a ridged media clock face material.

The in stock clock faces available are identified with a green dot. The prices will show when the PayPal "Cart" button is tapped or clicked on. There is no obligation to buy when accessing the PayPal "cart" button until you select an option and log onto your account. You will have an option to buy that face or just a print file. Click HERE to see what is available for my listings.

The images shown with a green dot indicate a face in stock, usually one only.

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I can provide high quality poster prints in about any size, using the same graphics used on the clock face, without the time numbers (of course).

Before ordering, making an inquiry or assumption > PLEASE READ the important information above so you'll know all there is you need to know about what I am offering.

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About My Clock Faces:

First, of course "RadiolaGuy.com" watermark does not appear on the finished product. It's there for internet images only (some have inquired and ask if it can be removed).

Clock faces: I offer  replica PAM (round or square) faces. The standard size of PAM clocks (and some other brands as well) is 15" (the round faces measure; 14.45"). 

Pricing for custom work

Custom work is offered for making a new face print file or alterations to one of my existing files. My minimum charge for custom work is $35.00, higher prices will depend on time and work involved.

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