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This section is for vintage radio parts and accessories.

Vintage Radio Speaker Cables
for Radiola and other brands
. Authentic replica's, US made just like the originals.

New, beautifully made like the original with  soft, cloth covered flexible wire. Equipped with phone tips on one end with forked terminal lugs on the other, 5' length, brown only.

Available only in Brown only with phone tips on one end, forked lugs on the other.

 $24.00 + Shipping NOTE: limit one per customer, quantities limited and there will soon be no more.

Radiola III/A tube socket suspension rubber

Tube socket suspension rubber (shock mount strips just like original). Fits models AF, III, IIIA and balanced amplifier. These are extra long for ease of stretching to proper tension, set of 2 or 4 strips. Includes improved, detailed installation instructions with photos.

$20.00 for 2 strips or $28.00 for 4 strips FREE USA Shipping

Radiola models; 16, 17, 18 & 60 dial cable
and other Radiola, Brunswick Graybar and other RCA models using the similar Radiola chassis

New, made of vintage stock wire cable, sized, with looped   ends and ready to install.

 $33.00 + Shipping (limited quantity)


Zenith lighted advertising sign

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Radiola 103 Speaker
grille cloth replica

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Radiola 103 Speaker
dust cover bonnet cloth replica

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Radiola 103 Speaker
dust cover cone replica

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Radiola 100B Speaker
grille cloth replica

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Radiola 100A Speaker
grille cloth replica

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Radiola & RCA dial scales available

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Radiola Manuals, labels, pamphlets and other paper items.

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Radiola Posters and advertising reprints

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Radiola 24, AR-812, Super VIII, & several Brunswick models. Station selectors paper dial overlays. 

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RCA & Radiola Dial Scales

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WD11 socket adaptors for using 4 pin UX based tubes (such as 864, 230 or X99) to adapt to the WD11 socket. These are vintage, US made stock in new or like new condition.


pot samples

Radiola replacement volume control (image shown may not be of the actual item as they vary depending on availability & manufacturer)

For Radiola models
17 & 18, 33, 60 and others that use a
*wire-wound potentiometer for a volume control.

< the images represents example of the available stock. Click on it to see in the raw form and with my shaft extension.

Note: these (NOS) controls come with a 1/4" round shaft that may vary from just a fraction of an inch to over 2" in length. Radiola models 18, 33 & 60 require 1/4" (partially flattened). Real short shafts will need extended & cut to proper length. Radiola model 17 require extra tooling to reduce the shaft diameter

You can save $$ by ordering the NOS Potentiometer as supplied to me and you tool the shaft to fit your needs. Doing your own machining and shaft alteration may require a shaft extension as well as diameter reduction. Keep in mind, although these controls are all 1/4" dia. (depending on stock on hand), the shaft shaft length will vary from less than .5" to more than 2" and some machine work is required if you order the NOS control only.

I'll do the machining if you order for the specific model and it will be ready to install, please specify 1 of the 3 options below. Some will require extra washer/s (for proper positioning) which I will supply.

*The control you'll receive will be an NOS - 2  - 3K, 2 - 4 watt wire-wound control.  THE IMAGE SHOWN MAY NOT MATCH WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE AS BRANDS WILL VARY IN STYLE & SIZE. > sample image of types


3 options, 1), raw pot, you make fit ($25.00), Or I do the necessary machine work to fit particular models ($65.00). + Shipping

Colonial Globe replica Finial.
made of industrial, super-hard epoxy impregnated with  brass powder. When cured and polished, it looks like solid brass.

$49.00 free shipping within the USA

Large porcelain rheostat as used in the early Deforest Audion RJ4, RJ5 & other Audion units.

MEASURES Diameter: 3.5", 10 ohms



NEW! Advertising clock section
replica clocks and clock faces of vintage radio advertising

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Vintage No. 6 "A" battery label replicas

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Transcontinental Coil Kit
with TRF radio construction plans

The RF coils are the heart of any radio receiving circuit. With the proper set of tuning condensers and common generic parts, one can build a radio receiver.

$60.00 + shipping within the continental USA
box measures 9.5 x 3.5 x 1.75

Zenith 7G605 "Clipper" grille cloth replacement
Bomber & Sailboat cloths are available

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NBC vintage chime set with 4th chime

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Tubes I have thousands of them from the early 1920's - 1970's including rare collector tubes, tubes for audio, radio, television, early European as well a few audiophile types plus some unusual & rare types for display. Too many to list, Contact me for your needs.

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Test socket adaptors & socket savors.
click on image to see samples of what I may have, then, contact me to inquire about your needs.

Pepsi Bottle Radio Decal set

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Zenith Radio Speaker Cover Decals  - now 3 different styles.

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Zenith Chassis Cushion Washers

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Arvin chassis mount grommets
set of four

Fits the Rhythm queen and possibly other models, the measurements are shown on the enlarged view.

$29.95 + Shipping

Zenith R7000-1  tuning drive belt

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 < Test equipment, test equipment parts, accessories & misc. related items

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< Televisions, television Parts, Accessories & misc TV related stuff

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< Replacement speakers for your Radio, TV or Amplifier

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 < Universal Battery Eliminator No more searching for expensive batteries, operate any 1920's battery radio with the:

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 < 32 volt farm radio power supply

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