Operating Your Vintage Television
in the digital era


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If you enjoy watching old B&W TV shows (as I do) on your vintage television, you still can. There are several ways that you can do it.

The image above is not a phony, pasted in image. It was taken from the above functioning TV using the first method described below.

First Method), Watch whatever you wish from a DVD players. You'll need an RF modulator which can be purchased at Target or the electronics department at just about any department store. They cost about $20.00.

Connect the audio and video outputs of the DVD player to the RF modulator. Then the RF modulator is connected to your TV antenna input via a coaxial cable in the same manner you would connect a VCR. You may need a 75 to 300 ohm matching transformer (or balun coil as some call it).

After all is properly connected, you can play your DVD player and watch your favorite movies & TV shows on channel 3 or 4 of your old TV. Amazon.com has an excellent selection of just about any of the old TV shows back to the mid 1950's!

Second Method). Purchase one the converter boxes (these were free for a while with a government coupon), now you'll pay around $50.00 for one. They are connected to your antenna or cable box and the output to your TV in the same way as you would a VCR. With this method you can tune to your local or cable channels.

There is also a third method which I now use that's a bit more complicated. It involves broadcasting your own on-air, low power signal that you can tune your TV to using rabbit ears.

Third Method,  Here's a diagram of all three ways to operate a vintage television.:

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