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My reproduction items: dial scales, posters, pamphlets, labels, grille cloth etc. are not made in mass production. Most are low volume, one or two at a time, made to order. More often than not, I sell only one or two of any given item. Few would even bother for such low volume sales. I do much of this as a service to fellow collectors. Sometimes I take on projects for the challenge and do occasionally do OK on some of the more popular items (if I sell 6 or 8 of 'em within a year). Some of the material I use it quite expensive such as the cloth I print my grille cloth on and the gold or silver foil used on dial scales. So don't get the idea that making these items is a such profitable venture. When all the time is considered that I put into re-mastering the files for making high quality printed material, I'm lucky to do much better than minimum wage.

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Minimum order for non priced, specialty
items or custom work is $16.00 plus S&H.


NOTE: offerings, prices and graphic alterations may change without notice at any time.

I no longer offer any repair or restoration services. At this stage of my life I have far too many of my own projects to complete. Many of them started years ago while I spent most of my time working on other folks projects.

I do have a list of others posted on my "Resources" page that do offer such service.

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