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Fellocryst Super Crystal Radio

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Gilfillan R-100
variometer in original box

From my long time collection, perfect condition, appears to be NOS. Measures approx. 7x6x3". Shipping weight 3 lb.


$55.00 + $11.00 shipping


Weston 506 meter, Radiola filament voltage meter

For Radiola models 25, 28 and several other models. Excellent condition, reads accurately.

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Vintage style, 1920s, loop antenna wire

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Transcontinental Coil Kit
with TRF radio construction plans

The RF coils are the heart of any radio receiving circuit. With the proper set of tuning condensers and common generic parts, one can build a radio receiver.


$60.00 + $9.00 postage within the continental USA
box measures 9.5 x 3.5 x 1.75


Universal Battery Eliminator

No more searching for expensive batteries, operate any 1920's battery radio with the:

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Vintage Headphones for sale

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<< read my article about 1920's radio speakers



Dixie radio speaker (Rare)
Reproducer model A

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Radiola Bijou Crystal Set
by the British Thomson-Houston Co

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oblique view

case (enclosure)
crystal holder

SPECIAL one of a kind, Hand Crafted Crystal Radio Receiver  "Mrs. Lowe"

From my collection, this one of a kind was very special to someone, a Mrs. Lowe many years ago. A beautifully made crystal radio built into sewing basket. My guess is that it was made for (whoever Mrs. Lowe was) as a gift. Who was she.... someone's favorite teacher maybe? We'll never know but one thing for sure, you can tell that it sat proudly in one position with the lid open near a sunny-side window for a long time. This can be determined from the images as the panel is sun-bleached from one direction (note un-bleached shadow areas).

Whoever built this was not only an excellent craftsman but clever and resourceful, take a look at the crystal holder image. It was made from a brass 12 gage shotgun shell. You very seldom find a home made radio with the rotary  switch points that are symmetrical. This radio is made as well (or better) as any factory made piece.

This came from the collection of an old-timer (who passed away about 20 years ago) in the Gresham, OR area. That's all I know about it.

Year: 1920's
Case/structure: Bakelite panel built into a sewing basket
Finish: Bakelite has sun bleaching except for the shadows
Knobs/Hardware: original
Insides: original
Cosmetic condition: good, see write-up
Documentation: none
Tuning type: inductance
Electronic condition: works
Flaws, cracks, blems : nothing significant
Measurements (approx): 8.5 x 5.5 x 4"
Shipping weight (estimated): 5#

$550.00 with free shipping within the continental USA

Radiola grille cloth replicas (now 3 patterns available)

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Radiola dial scales, parts, knobs, grille cloth

Other items such as dial scales, manuals, labels & other flatwork material can be found by clicking the appropriate links below:

> Dial Scales

> Manuals and flatwork

> misc.


Parts & misc.




Vintage Radio Speaker Cables

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 No. 6 retro Batteries & Battery Labels with choice of labels.

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Tubes I have thousands of them from the early 1920's - 1970's including rare collector tubes, tubes for audio, radio, television, early European as well a few audiophile types plus some unusual & rare types for display. Too many to list, Contact me for your needs.

SPECIAL 20% discount
on selected 1920s tubes.

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Vintage Radio posters, advertising,
catalogs, labels, dial scales

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Vintage Radio manuals, posters, advertising, catalogs, labels, dial scales

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