The RCA Radiola Line

Radiola release dates and production numbers (1921-1931)
non numbered & other RCA products.
the early years of RCA.
Victor (RCA Victor) models
Westinghouse & GE made RCA & Radiola models
RCA/Radiola speakers
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The Aeriola Family

Aeriola Grand

Radiola AR-812 Super-Heterodyne

Radiola Special

Radiola Grand

Radiola I (ER-753A, early version)

Radiola I (version II)

Radiola II

Radiola III Family

Radiola IIIA

Radiola IV

Radiola V

Radiola VI

Radiola VII 

Radiola VIIA

Radiola VIIB

Radiola Super VIII console

Radiola IX 

Radiola X

Radiola 16

Radiola 17

Radiola 18

Radiola 20

Radiola 20 w/orthophonic record player

Radiola 21

Radiola 22

Radiola 24

Radiola 25

Radiola 26

Radiola 28

Radiola 30

Radiola 30A

Radiola 32

Radiola 33

Radiola 41

Radiola 44

Radiola 46

Radiola 47

Radiola 48

Radiola 50

Radiola 51

Radiola 60

Radiola 62

Radiola 64

Radiola 66

Radiola 67

Radiola 80

Radiola 82

Radiola 86

Other RCA Products
(Westinghouse, GE etc.)

Aeriola Jr.

Aeriola Sr

Aeriola Sr Amp

GE AR-1300 & AA-1400

Perikon Detector (used in several Radiola & Aeriola models)

Radiola AC

Radiola Sr

Radiola RS

Radiola AA-485 Concert Amplifier

Radiola Balanced Amp.

Radiola Regenoflex

Radiola Grand

Westinghouse "RC"

Westinghouse "RA"

Radiola Superhetrodyne Portable AR-812

Radiola Special

Theremin, AR-1264

RCA Speakers:

Radiola 100

Radiola 100A

Radiola 100B

Radiola 103

Radiola 104

Radiola 106

Radiola UZ 1320

Radiola UZ 1325

RCA (Westinghouse) "FH", RCA's 1st speaker

Early RCA Victor consoles:





Radiola AA-485


Radiola IV


Radiola VIIB


Radiola Grand

Radiola 33 w/100B spkr

Radiola 100 spkr.


Radiola 60 w/103 spkr


Radiola 100A


Radiola 103



RCA Theremin


Westinghouse FH



RCA AR-812 Super-Het


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