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I have sold my flatwork (dial scale & manuals) business to one; Scott Thomas
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 Yes you can get cheaper manuals on eBay, but I guarantee that they are not the same quality as mine. I know because I have purchase some of the so called "re-print" manuals, some are fine but many have hard to read text, fuzzy graphics and poor photos. My manuals are not mass produced on cheap 20 lb. paper. I print to order on high quality heavier paper and seal in a plastic pouch before packaging.  It takes time and effort to provide the quality not found for $8 - $10. The items identified as "Re-Mastered Re-Prints" ARE NOT COPIES!! Blemishes, pencil marks, tears and damage has been digitally repaired, cleaned up and re-mastered. I OFFER THE BEST IN REPRINTED, RE-MASTERED MANUALS and PRINTED MATTER AVAILABLE! SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED!


Original manuals are used and may be worn, blemished, have torn pages,  pencil or other marks etc. I will do my best to note anything major and indicate their condition. NOTE: good does not mean perfect.

Gold or Silver foil. special foil media made for laser printers. Many originals where embossed, Mine are flat not embossed hard to tell one applied and viewed normally.

Reprint manuals; they have been scanned and re-mastered for high quality reprints and often better quality than a good original.

Copies; I rarely sell copies but if so noted, that's what they are, just scanned copies done a good as can be expected.

PDF; I offer a limited number of items in PDF.  Those not offered may be available on special request. If you order a PDF and postage is charged, the postage charge will be refunded. Be sure and specify you want PDF in the special instructions.

NOTE: Electronic Files may include the watermark on one or more pages to discourage electronic distribution to others.