Smallest Crystal Radio?

Tiny Crystal Radio Receiver


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Yes it's a bit smaller than the Beaver baby Grand (measuring just 3.75" wide).

UPDATE: for a long time I thought this to be a home-brew but a friend of mine recently found one (at EXPO) that is nearly identical. There are a number of indicators that make this piece appears to be factory made, such as; the switch points are symmetrical as well as the other panel parts. Most home-brews have obvious irregularly drilled holes and with un-even spacing of the switch point & terminals.

Although we now know it's a factory made, we still do not know who made it as there is no name on his either. Even though the label looks factory, it is not, it's my creation. I created the logo but borrowed that brand name (Wireless Apparatus) which was dreamed up by a one time friend of mine (Don Iverson) who is now diseased. For all I know, he may have made this radio. He was notorious for making vintage looking radios of high quality and presenting to our fellow radio collectors as something he just found at a yard sale on the way to one of our NWVRS meetings. He usually fooled everyone.

I've had this little piece for long time with the crystal  detector missing and the front latch broken. My good friend George Kirkwood fabricated a new latch that looks exactly like the original broken one. I then did the best I could with creating the crystal detector. None of the hardware found in my large collection of crystal detector parts was small enough to fit especially if you attempted to close the lid. So what you see is my fabrication and yes it actually works.

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