Colonial Globe Radio

New World Dual Wave  radio, 700 series



The 1933 "New World", Dual Wave, "Globe" radio
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Designed by Raymond Loewy, Engineered by Dr. Fulton Cutting, manufactured by Colonial Radio Corporation.
Distributed exclusively by Graybar Electric Company.

Circuitry; 5 tube super-het (IF freq. 175 KC), AVC, series strung filaments,  elec-   trodynamic  speaker  with  "hum bucking".  Tube line-up: 6A7 osc.-mixer, 78 IF,
75 Det.-AVC, 43 output, 25Z5 rect.

FOR SALE: reproduction sales presentation brochure
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The Cover

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The original material to do this project was from a very large presentation book created for the salesmen to show to potential dealers. It measured more than 20 X 14 inches in it's original format. I have re-created this great piece in a high quality format just like the original was except I have downsized it to a more affordable and manageable size (8.5X11"). The original was made with the color photographs as separate color plates mounted on the black and white pages and I have done the same with my re-creation.

This is a rare & great piece to complement your Colonial "New World" Dual Wave "Globe" radio. It has 16 pages that describe and promote this radio. The three models are shown individually with color photo's of each plus a B&W photo of Dr. Fulton Cutting, the engineer that created this fine piece. This was quite a piece of engineering considering the year 1933! The back of the brochure has advertising models for creating newspaper ads by inserting prices and the dealers names.

The heavy cover is even embossed with gold, just like the original. The pages are done on off white heavy cardstock and the photos are in full color. Unlike my last printing, these new ones are comb bound.

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