Kadette "Jr" Pocket Radio
(International Radio Corp.)


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Kadette Jr. model F ca: 1933

Oblique view

Rear view

Rear insides

Size compare

Chassis, rear bottom

Chassis, rear top

Chassis, front top

Chassis, front

From my long time collection, now offered for sale. Here's a very interesting tiny set that I have owned for many years. Promoted as a pocket radio in 1933 but is not battery operated or a true portable. However it is a real marvel of engineering for it's time. Keep in mind, although this is a tiny set, it is not battery operated.

This tiny radio was constructed during the period when the only option was large tubes (nearly 4.5" tall). The typical tuning condensers or that era could be the size (or larger) of the entire radio.  The circuitry is basically a TRF circuit using two tubes operating as a 4 tube circuit.

The pictures below provide much detail of the internal structure. It's amazing that such a tiny set, using mostly standard components of the day (sans the tuning condenser) was designed to fit a case that measures only 6" tall x 4.5" wide x 2.5" deep. The tuning condenser is quite special, using the compression style wafers and insulators that were not seen until the such where used in transistor radios of the late 1950s & early 60s! Don't overlook the speaker using a large horse-shoe type magnet.

Fully and properly restored, it works as designed. I spent many hours on this little Gem using the proper size and type components. I even carefully removed the innards of the original paper housings that contained the filter & by-pass capacitors and re-stuffed them to keep it looking original inside. These don't come any nicer, no damage or hairlines and exceptionally clean and all original (sans the components used in the restoration).

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