Majestic model 5TO

mirror dial clock radio


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Majestic clock radio model 5TO
in Beetle plastic

The first clock radios were made in the 1931-32 period by nearly every manufacturer. Afterwards there were no more clock radios made until 1939 when Majestic introduced the model 5T. James Reynolds may have invented the first alarm clock radio in the early '40s but certainly not the first clock radio.

The Majestic 5T and 5TO have to be one of the most unusual clock radio's made. They are small, cube shaped and when the radio is in the off state, it appears to be just a clock with a mirror background. Turn on the radio and the two-way mirror reveals the back-lit radio dial. Mirrors are hard to photograph, so the silvered mirror appears to be black in the photo but in real life it looks like any other mirror until the radio is turned on.

Unlike the modern and G E's first clock radio, the Majestic clock has no alarm or radio turn on feature. It's just a clock and it has to be hand started by spinning the small metal knob at the center. The speaker faces out on the backside of the molded radio's back.

Year: 1939
Cabinet: B
eetle plastic
Dial: airplane style, back-lit behind a two-way mirror
Tuning type: capacitance, super-het
Power transformer: no

No. of tubes: 5
Frequency coverage: AM, standard broadcast
Antenna requirements:
external long wire

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