RCA Radiola 18



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Radiola 18 with Radiola 100A speaker
ca: 1928, click/tap any image to enlarge

A beautiful example of one of the first all electric radios (the Radiola 17 was first and is very similar). The 18 was in my opinion one of the finest working of the early TRF radio receivers. When found not stored in a hostile environment and with a good "pot metal" dial drum, chances are, it will still work.

The pictures show all areas of the set including the underside of the chassis so those of you restoring one of these can see what goes where things go in case some of your parts are missing. Note the addition of the fuse on the underside of the power supply chassis

 < repro dial scale available
 < Manuals, labels & other paper for the above and other RCA Radiola models are available.
 < Parts & misc. available

 < Power supply for 1920's battery radios available

Updated, improved service manual available:

Not just a fuzzy, blurred copy like the free stuff found on the 'net. My complete RCA service manual for the Radiola 18 has been digitally re-mastered with sharp, clean text and images to help you service and restore your vintage radio. Comb bound for long lasting and convenient use. I have included information that is not found in the original manual such as capacitor and resistor and values. Heavyweight covers, comb bound 8 1/2 X 11" format.

BONUS- includes large fold out schematic and notes on the power supply choke values:

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