RCA Radiola IIIA Deluxe



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RCA Radiola IIIA Deluxe ca:1925
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The Radiola III/A & Deluxe were designed to use the new (at the time) WD11 tubes. Good functional WD11 tubes are quite scarce, especially the early (large ones with brass bass w/top tip). The IIIA version is the same as the Radiola III but with the addition of the two tube balanced amplifier added to provide power to drive a loud speaker. The standard 'IIIA is used in the above special designed cabinet with built-in Speaker.  

In nice condition, very clean, electronically restored and working properly. Can be purchased with or without tubes. The audio transformers are  good (one or more may have been properly rebuilt or replaced.. The battery cable has been replaced. The wood case is quite nice, original finish with the usual household scratches due to 100 years of being around.  The Bakelite panel is good with only a couple of minor scuffs & scratches.

I have replaced the rubber tube socket shock mounts (the originals are always found badly deteriorated condition). The original socket panel is still in place.  All the tubular stack capacitors have been replaced by the pervious owner. Unfortunately he did not rebuild the original tubluar capacitors as I do. Rather he replaced the entire stack with his own version (see photo). The audio capacitor can has a new capacitor.

NOTE the tubes shown may not be the ones supplied if purchased with tubes. Supplied tubes (if ordered) will be re-based '99s which will fit the original sockets and work the same (only better) as the WD11s'. However the filament voltage needs to be 3 volts instead of 1.5 volts.

My reprint owners manual and hook-up instructions for Radiola IIIA are included with sale.

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 The above; Radiola IIIA "Deluxe" has been sold.

At PayPal checkout, thedre are options to purchase with or without tubes.

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