Charlie McCarthy RARE Head, Clip

Majestic Radio Dealer Rep. Ring


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Rare Charlie McCarthy, Clip-On head figure

Rare Majestic manufacturer's  Representative Ring

Charlie McCarthy head figure. I believe it to be a rare or a rather scarce item in that it's the only one I have seen and I don't  find anything like it on the internet. It measures 1-3/8" tall. It has a spring-loaded clip on the back side.

Nicely made in several pieces. the painted figure is a cast metal, the back-side is brass with a spring-loaded clip. The tab extension below his vest,  when pulled down Charlie's mouth opens.

The stamped text reads: "Made under exclusive license from Edger Bergen and Charlie  McCarthy  Inc.". There's a patent number at the top, under the clip hinge.

back-side image

I don't know if there is any direct relation to the Charlie McCarthy Radio. I purchased the figure years ago to complement my "Charlie" radio.

Like the "Charlie" figure, I believe the above ring  to be a bit on the rare side. As I understand it, these rings were given exclusively to the field representatives of the Majestic Radio and Television Company of the late 1920s -  1930s.

It's not a cheap toy, although not jewelry quality, it's certainly not a toy. Made of Bakelite and inlaid with silver looking metal. I don't think it's Silver, more likely Aluminum.

The only markings other that what's on the surface is a stamped number (15544 and a triangular shape stamped just below) on the top underside.

face Close-Up


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