Magnavox R2-B Horn Speaker



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model R2-B horn speaker ca: 1922
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The Magnavox company is responsible for the quality of the sounds we hear today from the speakers used in your auto radio, TV set and every other audio device we listen to since the early 1930s. Magnavox invented and patented the Voice Coil that is used in all conventional audio speakers from around 1930 on. They created the "Voice Coil" around 1917! Their speakers made in the early days of radio actually had a voice coil driven diaphragm mounted at the base of a horn. All other all other speakers were not much more than an earphone mounted at the base of a horn or a complicated armature driven device to move a paper cone. The voice coil gave Magnavox Speakers more power and superior sound quality over the earphone or armature driven radio speakers of the 1920s..

The horn speaker pictured here is one of their best and next to their largest. It measures 18" in diameter at the bell.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this speaker and other Magnavox horn speakers with the large, heavy, cylindrical  driver (like the one pictured above) are electro-dynamic. They cannot be operated like the typical two wire speakers of the 1920's. They require a 6 volts DC supply @ 1 amp to activate the internal coil (inside the large cylinder). The switch is the on/off power for the coil. The smaller unit is the output transformer where the radio's speaker output is connected.  their best and next to their largest. It measures 18" in diameter at the bell.

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