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Rear Grille Damage close-up

The one I offer here is a rare find, why do I say RARE? Well because many of them suffered not only from age related damage & destruction, many of them self destructed, found distorted or badly damaged because of what's called "Pot Metal Cancer". This damage or destruction would vary depending on how closely the recipe for the Pot Metal was followed (read more in my article).

Not only has this piece no Pot Metal issues but has obviously been well cared for over its almost 100 years of existence. Has all the original parts and finish sans what's mentioned. It suffers from some very minor paint chips, scratches and other normal shelf wear that would be normal for its many years of being around. The only thing I have done was the replace one of the missing speaker wire phone tips and install the missing felt feet cushions.  The only real damage is the original grille cloth on the back side suffers some minor damage that most likely resulted in someone poking their fingers cloth (so noted in the back side photos). Since the minor damage to the grille cloth is only seen from the rear and quite minor, I decided it would be best to leave as-is.

The Radiola 100A speaker was introduced in march of 1927. Later that year was other speaker models using the the same horseshoe magnet type driver for paper cone speakers became available such as the Radiola 100, 100B & 103. A very similar type driver was used in the Western Electric 540AW. Speakers using this type driver were the best sounding of all the early PM type speakers. Only the heavy electrodynamic speakers introduced in the late 1920s that were powered from the AC line power supplies (then called light socket powered) provided improved sound. 

The Radiola 100A is among the most common (if not the most) of all early radio speakers found within the last 50 or more years. Hundreds of thousand of 'em were sold.

Pot Metal has a bad reputation among those that restore all kinds of equipment using parts made of the alloy.  But if the recipe when making making the Pot Metal was followed, the castings were quite stable and remain so today.

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I'm asking a premium price for this piece because its a premium piece

 Asking $165.00 plus $49.00 USA shipping/insurance

< AVAILABLE: Vintage original style cable with phone tip "pin plugs" (like shown on the above speaker).
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