Stewart-Warner 435 Radio Speaker



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From the maker of the: "Dancing in Ladies" radio speaker, here is a cute little mantel style radio speaker. Its design is similar to the "Radiola 100A" but smaller. Its driver is the familiar looking type with a large horseshoe magnet. But made cheaper and less complex. The case is a heavy metal alloy but its definitely not Pot Metal like the Radiola 100A

The finish and speaker unit are original. The grille cloth appears to have been preciously replaced. i liked its looks, so I choose to leave it be.  The bottom cover was missing and I made a replacement. The ID label is also my replica.

I wish I could say the sound quality is good but unfortunately not so. Stewart-Warner superior at making high quality meters, instruments, gages and most anything else. Their speakers, although had ell made, attractive housings were of poor functional quality (my opinion).

This one is loud enough but bass notes cause the driver to "bottom out" and distort badly. I test  I my speakers with modern equipment using proper matching. Speakers made in the 1920s were designed to work with radios of that era and had very poor performance on the bass end of the music spectrum. Some of the better designed radio speakers of the era like the Radiola 100 and 100A were excellent performers when properly coupled to modern radios or amplifiers.

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 Asking $135.00 plus $33.00 USA shipping/insurance

< AVAILABLE: Vintage original style cable with phone tip "pin plugs" (like shown on the above speaker).
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