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Ca: early 1924, one of the earliest paper cone loudspeakers. By far its the best sounding of all early radio speakers. When connected to equipment that will produce high quality sound, the Western-Electric 540AW will even produce nice bass notes, a rare thing thing in early radio speakers. Of course Western-Electric is well known for the very best in early audio equipment.

A local friend of mine bought it on eBay and it was received damaged due to poor packaging. Afterwards he noted I had a nice one for sale, so he made a traded with me his towards my undamaged one. I did the best I could re-shaping the crushed areas. Knowing that some collectors prefer things all original with minor dings or damage rather than have parts replaced with replicas. So since its not all that had in appearance and works just fine, I thought it best to leave as-is.

The above it all original and suffers some minor crushing of the paper cone due to improper packaging done by an eBay seller. The driver was in very clean condition and free of rust or corrosion. only needed a minor tweaking to produce nice clean sound.  It sounds as good as if undamaged. The photos show the condition and metal area finish.

Because of the minor damage, I'm pricing the speaker well below the value of one in undamaged condition.

I do have another of these speakers for sale, click/tap here.

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< AVAILABLE: Vintage original style cable with phone tip "pin plugs" (like shown on the above speaker).
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the speaker has been sold