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1947 - 3" television kit




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A re-mastered reprint of the rare 1947 television training manual for this scarce television is now available.

The 3" Espey TV was offered in early 1947 in kit form as a means for the electronics and technical people to become familiar with the soon to explode television industry. It's an 18 tube, "split-sound" system utilizing a 3" oscilloscope CRT (3KP1), built-in sound amplifier with speaker and a 6 channel tuner.

This little set is somewhat rare and the instruction/assembly manual is quite rare. I happen to be lucky enough to have acquired the manual (although in poor condition) along with the TV.

My reprint manual is not a quick Xerox copy of the original, rather I have recreated it by spending many hours painstakingly, digitally reconstructing the manual, removing pencil marks, fading, ink scribbling, cuts, tears, folded page wrinkles and discoloration. Each page was digitally re-mastered for professional reproduction done on quality paper with card stock covers.

The idea to reproduce this was not for monetary gain as I don't expect to sell near enough of these to make this endeavor profitable. The idea was to have a nice copy for myself (as the original was not very presentable and falling apart) and to make this very nice item available at a reasonable price to others who share my interest in this piece of electronic history.

The manual is very comprehensive and not dedicated only to the construction of the 3" receiver. It's a training manual on television in general having more than 54 pages plus the front & rear covers. The breakdown of the manual: Section I - VI covers the introduction,
index, and some great photos. Chapter 1 - V (pages 1 - 13) covers a brief explanation of how television works, parts list, test equipment list and general info about tools and construction. Page 14 is a complete schematic, chapter VI (pages 14 - 31) is the construction procedure, well illustrated with lots of actual photos. Chapter VII (pages 32 - 34) covers inspection and alignment. Chapter VII (pages 35 - 36) covers the operating instructions.
Chapter IX (pages 37 - 40) covers problem solving and a voltage chart fro trouble shooting. Chapter X (pages 41 - 43) cover antenna problems, construction and installation. The rest of the book has notes on proper soldering techniques and a glossary of television terminology.

This is also an excellent manual for those interested in learning the technical aspects of television just before the television boom of the late 1940's.

Below are a few sample pages from the manual and a couple of before and after images, click on them for enlarged views:

Radio News Sept 1947

before and after sample

before and after sample

56 pages, 8 1/2 X 11" format, card stock covers & comb bound.

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