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Circa 1948 and one of my favorite '40's TV's. In fact, these and similar models are what I learned TV servicing on while working as a teenager at "Supreme Radio & TV Service" in the mid 1950's in my home town of Ashland, KY. I just recently completed a complete restoration including refinishing the cabinet. These TV's were excellent performers, had very good fringe area reception but were constantly in need of service as they were plagued with a number of chronic problems.

A small TV, 10" screen, 20 tube circuit with series strung heaters. Measures only 13" wide, 15" high. Available in Blonde (as above) or Mahogany.

The same models were available in 1949 and advertised with more square inches of viewing area (most all manufactures did this). This was done by changing the mask in front of the round CRT. The early versions had a rectangular mask (as did most brands before 1949). The rectangular mask blocked off about 12 square inches of the CRT. In 1949 nearly all manufacturers switched to the double "D" style screen (two upper case "D's" back to back). This only blocked the top and bottom of the screen exposing the rounded edges of the CRT. By doing so, it allowed them to advertise a larger screen size while using the very same picture tube!

GE-800 series  < The service manual for this model is available.
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