Pilot TV-37,  3" Television

"Candid TV" 3" television


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Pilot TV-37 ca: 1949
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optional magnifying lens

with lens attached

actual off air picture

under the chassis

chassis underside before restoration with my new caps ready to be installed

rear view

operational picture

The "Candid TV" was offered in 1949 for $99.99, the first television to sell for under $100.00 when TVs were price from around $250.00 on up. Sale promotions were heavily targeted to college students because of the small size and price.

About this listing:

This one is part of my vintage television collection and not for sale. I do have one for sale, see it HERE.

Worth mentioning; if you are not familiar with this instrument, keep in mind the price. It was designed with price in mind and did not provide the best in performance. Although (for a low priced, budget minded product) the selectivity and sensitivity is quite good for signal  reception. However, it has no AGC, does not produce a very bright picture (must be viewed in low ambient lighting) and the sound circuit features a one tube audio amplifier.

I did add a modification to protect the very hard to find CRT. I added a separate filament supply transformer for the CRT. The CRT was originally wired as part of the series strung filaments making it prone to easy burn-out should a short develop in the filament string. The transformer can be seen in the underside chassis photo (bottom, right of center).


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Reprint of the 1949 instruction booklet and complete service data

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 <Owners instruction book:16 pages, card stock cover, 5 1/2 X 8 1/2" format.

SERVICE DATA; a 32 page complete service manual. This manual is a re-mastered reprint of the "SAMS" and "Rider" service manuals which includes circuit descriptions, pictorials of the component locations, parts lists and alignment instructions. 8 1/2 X 11" format including 11 X 17" fold-out pages of the schematics. Nicely comb bound for convenient use with card stock covers.

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