Radiola 100A Grille Cloth
Mounting Instructions




Radiola 100A radio speaker


My simple instructions for removing the old cloth and installing the  repro cloth. Be sure and view the enlarged versions by clicking the small images.


Step 1 remove the mounting ring frame from the speaker housing and elevate one side with a block of wood (as shown). Then with a wood dowel carefully knock the inner ring loose. You may have to rotate the frame and give a few gentle whacks in different places. If there's some rust it may take a few rotations to get it loose. Be careful not o bend the inner ring by being too aggressive.


Step 2 Now with some "0" steel wool clean and remove all residue and rough areas and any rust from all the areas of both the ring and mounting frame. I'm doing so with steel wool but the wool does not show in the pic.


Step 3 You'll need a flat board at least 12" x 12" and position the frame as shown. The position is important to get the cloth pattern to be in proper alignment. The image of the speaker or make note of the original alignment so you to get it right.


Step 4 Peel off the plastic backing and lay the cloth face down as shown. Be sure you have the pattern aligned properly so it will appear as shown in the "all done" image. Then tape the corners down so it won't easily move. Then carefully center the ring (rounded side down) over the frame. It takes some careful downward pressure to find the exact position.


Step 5 Now take another piece of flat wood, at least 3/4" thick, about 4" wide by about 10" long. Be sure the ring is centered over the frame. While keeping some downward pressure on the wood piece, give it a few good whacks, then rotate a few inches at a time whacking it until the ring is flush all the way around.

All done, now with sharp scissors, trim away all the excess cloth and you are ready to mount.


Some notes about the 100A speaker: It's made of Pot Metal. Many Pot Metal objects have suffered over the years from minor to  severe distortion. You can learn why by reading my article on the subject.

When reinstalling the grille cloth frame, you may find it hard to line up the screw holes due to some shrinkage of the Pot Metal speaker housing. To make it easier, take a small round file and elongate the mounting holes a bit. Be sure and determine the direction they need to be filed first.

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