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My Guarantee Statement

If any product purchased from me was defective, not as represented or (in some cases, you just don't like it), you may return it for a refund of the purchase price. Refunds will be for the price of the item and may not include the cost of shipping. Any returns must first be approved via phone or e-mail and must be returned in the same condition it was when packed and packed the same way if returned. I will not do a refund on any items that are broken, damaged or have been tampered with. If damaged in shipping and insured, the policies of the carrier must be followed (most require all shipping material, packing media and containers be available for inspection, failure to do so will void any insurance claims).

If you choose to have items shipped uninsured, the risk for loss and physical damage will be at the responsibility of the purchaser. My packing process and record for safe shipping is excellent, I take no short-cuts in safe packing. All items are well padded, most are double boxed and will withstand the routine and often encountered rough handling by the post office & UPS.

Please read my descriptions carefully as I make every effort to be factual and honest in my representations. If I have restored the electronics I will guarantee proper performance for 90 days after you receive the item and will make any repairs necessary in the event of failure at no charge excluding shipping cost. I not offer or imply any extended warranty on any product beyond 90 days.  If returned for repairs, you must pack in the same manner as received, damage due to improper packing will not be covered. Problems caused by tampering or shipping damage will not be covered.

VACUUM TUBES and CRTs: I do not offer any extended warranty on vacuum tubes or CRTs. I do however guarantee that they will arrive as represented and function properly sans breakage by the carrier. This means that I expect you to test them right away and make that determination as vacuum tubes can be easily damaged by improperly functioning equipment, this is especially true of power output and rectifier tubes. The way I pack makes breakage by the carrier unlikely unless they crush or puncture the box and there is no way I can pack to avoid that.

CRTs (picture tubes) can be burned out by a malfunctioning TV. Be sure your TV has been properly restored before installing replacement CRT. Tubes with burned out filaments are not covered by my warranty as accidental burn-out is nearly impossible but shorted circuits in some vintages TVs will cause burn-out and a purposeful burn out is quite easy.

I reserve the right to modify or change the statements made on this page at any time.

My guarantee is void if it is determined that you have caused damage by improper use or hook-up. One example; not taking proper precautions with hot chassis radios or other electronic equipment where the use of an isolation transformer is required.


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