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RadiolaGuy's 28th year

Because of my age and related issues, I am slowing down, reducing some offerings and will no longer accept payment using PayPal on some of my listings.

To get the most out of using my site, please take note of these tips:
many of my listings will have notations highlighted   in 
this color, that  means the  text is  an active link. Please click/tap on it for more detail about the subject listing.

ALSO, please be sure and refresh your browser when  re-visiting my site. Otherwise you may be viewing old information  that's  been  stored  in  your  computer's cache.


Two nice Heathkit amplifiers for sale.


Due to ever increasing cost for paper, printing supplies and postage cost, I am phasing out proving hard copies of some of my printed paper items.  I’ve already made such changes in other areas of my web site. I've  just not yet completed the necessary web site changes with the manuals section.

Some items I do not offer electronically, those may still have a PayPal "add to cart" button.

If you wish to have a manual or other "flatwork" provided by PDF which does not have that option at PayPal check-out, contact me  on some items, I may make an exception.

Also note that most PDF offerings may not include covers, just the data in loose leaf, 8.5 x 11" form. A watermark may also appear in an area not to interfere with content to help deter re-distribution on my electronic file.

Items listed as original are not available electronically


I've had it with the ever increasing cost and dealing with
issues related to international shipping.

So the only items I will sell internationally will be electronic
copies of some flatwork items.

  • The cost of paper and postage costs continue to be on the increase. Rather than increase my prices, I am now offering many of my printable paper items such as Manuals, Battery Labels and Poster/Ad prints in the form of downloadable JPEG or PDF print files. You can order and specify PDF or jpeg after ordering and if a shipping fee is added, I will refund that fee. Please note to help deter electronic distribution of my work, you may find the "RadiolaGuy" watermark in a place or two that will not interfere with the data or outward appearance.

  • Free shipping has ended, shipping rates have increased several times since I offered free shipping on certain items two years ago. Other costs have increased as well but I have not increased the prices of my work. Free shipping still applies to those items where so noted.

  • Much of my collection now available for sale, no price list, offers only and no PayPal sales on the personal items in my collection.


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